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The heart and soul of a great cup of coffee starts with the perfect coffee beans. 


Species of Coffee

There are several different species of coffee, but only two make up the vast majority of all coffee grown: Arabica and Robusta. 

Arabica coffee needs high elevation and cooler temperatures to grow well, while Robusta grows better at lower elevations and in hotter climates. Arabica is known for having a much better taste, while robusta is known for having nearly twice as much caffeine as arabica coffee. Robusta coffee is also more resistant to pests and generally easier to grow, but due to its perceived inferior flavor, is not as commonly grown as arabica. 

Coffee Bean Origins

PLC offers a variety of different regular, decaf, and Fair Trade Organic coffees from a variety of countries and continents. We also offer Robusta coffee, which has 50% more caffeine than Arabica coffee. 

• Brazil (also available as Decaf)
• Colombia (also available as Decaf or Fair Trade Organic)
• Costa Rica 
• Ethiopia
• Guatemala
• Honduras (also available as Fair Trade Organic)
• India (available as Robusta or Monsoon Malabar)
• Peru (only available as Fair Trade Organic)
• Sumatra (also available as Decaf or Fair Trade Organic)

Processing Methods

Green Coffee is processed in a variety of ways, starting as seeds inside of a coffee cherry, and ending with green coffee that is ready to be roasted. The coffee we roast at PLC is processed in four different ways:

Coffee Blends

Of course we can blend any coffee together, but there are several common blends that we offer for those who aren’t sure how to choose.

Breakfast Blend - a light/medium roast; smooth and easy drinking with citrus notes.
House Blend - a medium roast; sweet and smooth with a slightly fruity profile.
French Roast - a dark roast; bold and full bodied, with dark chocolate and dark caramel notes.
Italian Roast - even darker than a French Roast, with an intense, bitter, smokey profile.

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